by Julie Hansberry February 26, 2016

Rainbow colored pasta bracelet

Difficulty: Easy

Welcome to our first post on DIY project! Using daily food is an inexpensive way for children to make accessories at home. Most preschoolers and kindergartners enjoy threading colorful things.

This creative play helps young kids exercise sequencing, patterning, coloring, or even shaping, which lays the groundwork for science, math and art.

You’ll need:

  • Uncooked pasta: penne
  • Acrylic paint / food coloring (In HK it is less common to find food coloring in a supermarket, so I used acrylic paint instead)
  • Plastic bowl
  • Stirrer
  • Lined tray
  • Pipe cleaner (毛根, also known as chenille stem) (I didn't use rope or string as they are too squashy for preschools to work on)


Macaroni bracelet

  1. Dip the macaroni into acrylic paint
  2. Transfer the colored pasta to lined tray, let dry
  3. Thread the dried colored pasta onto the pipe cleaner
  4. Close the bracelet around your child's wrist by twisting the ends of the pipe cleaner together. Trim off any remaining excess

Explore it!

  • Thread beads in between the pasta to enrich the look
  • Let your child write their names onto the pasta to personalize the bracelet
  • Make patterns (e.g. heart shape) with the pipe cleaners and turn it into home decoration


Spread creativity like wildfire, we would love to see the designs of your little explorer!  Share your images with other parents on our Facebook page to get a chance to win a free box! See you there.


Princess Laura  ♥

Julie Hansberry
Julie Hansberry


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