Announcement (effective 14 November 2016)

by Julie Hansberry November 11, 2016

Announcement: To meet a huge influx of demand regarding our monthly subscription plans throughout 2016, we have been notified various price adjustments from our suppliers. We are forced to implement a minimal price adjustment to the Moinàrchy monthly subscription plans, effective from 14 November 2016.

Our aim is to offer quality learning products and services on the educational toy market. Our ambition is to have the best procurement on the market, offer affordable yet meaningful products to our valued clients.

Please rest assured that the rest of the pricing of individual product lines will remain unchanged.

Thank you very much for your understanding and attention.


About Moinàrchy (MIY): Moinàrchy offers play-based STEAM learning kits for young creators aged 2-18 internationally. With no travel hassle, Moinàrchy foster children to learn proactively through play at their own pace, achieve things off-screen, bond with parents, expand career awareness and enhance future competitiveness at early age.


Julie Hansberry
Julie Hansberry


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