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Ready to Become a High-IQ Genius? HK’s First Mensa-inspired Party Workshop now available

Moinàrchy takes edutainment to the next level and introduces door to door intelligence training sessions to spice up your private parties.

HONG KONG – October 3, 2016 – Hong Kong’s science academy for little creators announces its new STEAM-focused workshops, which are held conveniently door to door at your party venue. Suitable for age 4-18, the workshops are age-appropriate and are available in 4 disciplines: “Math & Mensa Genius” (mathematics), “Scientist Einstein” (science), “Artist Picasso” (art and craft) and “Engineer” (engineering and technology).

Each session lasts for 60-90 minutes. It includes facilitator(s), all materials needed for every child and certificates of achievement to boost the confidence of participants.  “I really think Moinàrchy offers parental bonding time and quality playtime. Thanks for making our party a great one..... I'll certainly recommend Moinàrchy to my friends,” says a customer who recently organized a “Scientist Einstein” workshop with Moinàrchy.

In particular, “Math & Mensa Genius” inspired workshop is led by Tommy W., a medal-winning Hong Kong team member of Mathematics Olympiad, a qualified Mensa member and an investment banker. The Mensa curriculum is mind training and is Mensa-inspired (Mensa: international high IQ society, with membership only opened to those who attain a score within the upper 2% on the Mensa test. The maximum attempt each person can take their offical test is 2 times). Tommy said: “I’ve always been a math enthusiast even before kindergarten. Some may find Math boring, but Math is indeed extremely fascinating once you know the tricks. Math trains your brain to think critically and solve problems.” Tommy incorporates logic tricks, math techniques, and his love for brain teasers into cooperative games, which children will social, move and groove in class.

To get into the Halloween spirit, Moinàrchy is collaborating with Cyberport to host the “Halloween Fun Digital Workshop” on October 30. Featuring art, technology and math, Moinàrchy teaches children to assemble their own Halloween Robot and learn Mensa tips and skills.  On the other note, Moinàrchy has newly appointed Pearl Chan (陳偲穎), little actress from TVB, as its official brand ambassador.

Workshop details are available on the Moinàrchy website


About Moinàrchy (Now 'Mochy Kid'): Moinàrchy offers play-based STEAM learning kits for young creators aged 2-18 internationally. With no travel hassle, Moinàrchy foster children to learn proactively through play at their own pace, achieve things off-screen, bond with parents, expand career awareness and enhance future competitiveness at early age.


Alex McFadyen
Alex McFadyen


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