Instant Growing Fluffy Snow

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Difficulty: 1.5/5 | Age 4+

Play with kids in snow? Yes please! Taking kids to below zero temperatures? No thanks. Just add water to the scientific snow powder, watch it grow immediately into mounds of soft, fluffy, white artificial snow.

Behold a fun snowing experience at home and perfect all year round - explore the science of polymers found in daily lives and make instant snow!

Kit contains
  • Teaching plan: Step-by-step instruction guide
  • Pack of instant growing snow powder
  • Beaker
  • Eyedropper
  • Food coloring


♥ Make your own snow

Step 1:  Pour the snow powder (jar with white cap) into the mixing cup


Step 2: Add water into the cup to approx. 120 ml (i.e. almost full). Wait for a few seconds, snow will expand and be formed!


Step 3:  The fun is not over yet. To make the snow one-of-a-kind, mix in a tiny amount of liquid food colouring into the snow


Step 4:  Like so


Step 5:  Give your kids the freedom to get their hands dirty. Dig into the beautiful mess and enjoy the fluff!

DIY fake, artificial snow

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