Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to Mochy Kid (“Mochy Kid”, “we”, “us” or “our”) and we want you to feel assured browsing this website (“Mochy Kid Website”). We take steps to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data during visits to the Mochy Kid Website. Use of the Mochy Kid Website will constitute your acceptance to this Privacy Statement.

If you do not wish to be bound by this Privacy Statement, please do not proceed with browsing the Mochy Kid Website. We may modify this Privacy Statement and other content displayed on the Mochy Kid Website at any time without notice.


A.1  You may be asked for personal information (“Personal Data”) when you use the Mochy Kid Website. Personal Data that we may ask you to provide includes but not limited to your and your recipient’s name, gender, date and month of birth, age group, occupation, marital status, education level, phone, address, email, payment details.

A.2  It is necessary for you to submit certain Personal Data specified as mandatory. If you do not provide such Personal Data, it may render us unable to handle your orders or provide you with any products or services.


B.1  By submitting any Personal Data to us, you have authorised us to collect, maintain and use such Personal Data for the below purposes:

  • offer you with service and a more tailored shopping experience;
  • offer you with privileges and rewards under Mochy Kid's membership program;
  • offer you with our marketing materials and any necessary updates;
  • carry out research analysis to enhance our products and services and for marketing purposes; and
  • comply with applicable laws and regulations and protect our legal rights..

B.2  The name, address and phone of recipient will be passed on to our selected carriers for delivery purposes.

B.3  We may share data that does not identify you individually with third parties for marketing purpose.

B.4  All Personal Data submitted by you will be retained for a reasonable period and will be accessible by our staff, any third parties engaged by us and third parties referred to at B.3 above, for or in relation to any purpose stated in B.1 herein.


C.1  Based on the Personal Data submitted to us, we may send marketing and/or promotional messages to you at any time to ensure you are provided with our latest events and promotions, as referred to at B.1 above. You can opt out of receiving our communications at checkout, by using the unsubscribe function contained in the email or by sending us email to with “unsubscribe” in the title, together with a description of the communications you no longer desire to receive in the body of the email.


D.1  Personal Data held by us will be kept confidential in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

D.2  All questions or opinions other than Personal Data sent to us or posted onto our platforms, for example Mochy Kid Website and Mochy Kid Facebook, are deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary by nature. Mochy Kid reserve the right to use, disclose, transmit, broadcast or delete such information freely.


E.1  We will make our best and reasonable efforts to ensure Personal Data is secured by us safely and accessible only by our authorised staff, but we cannot guarantee the information you provided to us over the Internet can be completely secured.


F.1  The Mochy Kid Website may provide you with links to third party websites. We have no responsibility for the content or opinions expressed in such websites, which are governed by the terms and conditions and privacy policy of those related providers, if any.


G.1  You have the right to request access to and request correction of Personal Data. If you wish to exercise your rights or have any queries regarding our Privacy Statement, please email us at


H.1  Should there be any inconsistencies or conflicts between the English and the Chinese versions of this Privacy Statement, the English version shall prevail.


Thank you for your generous support.

Last modified in January 2018.

Mochy Kid(「Mochy Kid」、「我們」及「本公司」)非常重視閣下的私隱權,並希望閣下能安心瀏覽本網站(「Mochy Kid網站」)我們力維護閣下個人資料得到保密。進入本網站,代表閣下已閱讀並同意接受本私隱條款的法律約束。

若閣下不同意本私隱聲明,請勿繼續瀏覽Mochy Kid網站。我們會在有需要時對本私隱聲明及Mochy Kid網站的內容作出修訂,且恕不先行通知。

A.   個人資料收集

A.1  我們可能要求閣下在使用Mochy Kid網頁時提供個人資料(「個人資料」)。我們可能要求閣下提供的個人資料包括但不限於閣下及收件者的姓名、性別、出生月份及日子、年齡類別、職業、婚姻狀況、教育程度、電話、地址、電郵及付款資料。

A.2  閣下必須提供某些列明為「必需填寫」的個人資料。倘若閣下未能提供任何有關個人資料,可導致我們無法處理閣下的訂單或提供任何產品或服務。

B.   個人資料的使用及披露

B.1  閣下向我們提供任何個人資料,代表授權我們收集、保存及使用該等個人資料作下列用途:

  • 向閣下提供更好的顧客服務和個人化的購物體驗;
  • 向閣下提供我們會籍計劃中的尊享禮遇;
  • 向閣下提供我們的推廣材料和給予有關更新資訊;
  • 作出巿場研究,從而改善我們的產品和服務及作市場推廣之用;及
  • 履行適用法律及規則及保護我們的法律權利。

B.2  我們會提供收件人的姓名、地址和電話予我們的快遞公司,以作送貨目的。

B.3  我們可能與第三方分享不會識別閣下身份的數據以作營銷用途。

B.4  閣下提供的所有個人資料將由本公司保存一段合理時間,並可就上文第B.1條所述之用途,由我們的員工、我們聘請的第三方及上述第B.3條的第三方機構查閱。

C.   閣下收到推廣資訊

C.1  基於閣下向我們提供的個人資料,我們可能會依照上述第B.1條,不時為閣下送上最新的精選優惠及有關推廣材料,以確保閣下獲得最新活動與優惠更新。閣下可點擊於結帳頁剔除有關選項、點擊於營銷電郵下方的「取消訂閱」連結或發以「取消訂閱」為標題的電郵至,並在內文闡述閣下希望取消特定的通訊渠道,以選擇拒絕接收推廣通訊。

D.   保密

D.1  由本公司持有關於本公司客戶及網頁訪客的個人資料會根據此私隱政策作保密處理。

D.2  除個人資料外,閣下所傳送予我們或登載於我們平台(包括Mochy Kid網站和Mochy Kid Facebook)的問題或意見,皆以非保密及非專有性質處理。我們保留在其他地方自由利用、披露、轉移、廣播或移除該等資料之權利。

E.   安全

E.1  我們會以合理的措施去努力確保個人資料皆被妥善保管在安全的地方,且僅由已獲授權員工查閱,但本公司不能保證閣下由互聯網傳送予我們的資料之乃完全安全。

F.   第三方連結

F.1  Mochy Kid網站可能提供第三方網站的連結。我們對該等第三方網站的內容及意見不承擔任何責任,該等第三方網站受到該内容提供者的使用條款及私隱聲明的約束。

G.   查閱或修改個人資料

G.1  閣下可要求查閱及修改閣下之個人資料。就該等有關查閱或修改個人資料之查詢或對此私隱聲明有任何疑問,請電郵至

H.   準據語言

H.1  本使用條款的中文及英文版本如有任何歧義,概以英文版本為準。