We are here to boost children's curiosity within the STEM field and enhance family engagement as a whole. By organising a STEM Open Day / Fun Fair with team Mochy at your venue, you can get:

  • STEM sharing session / talk
  • STEM game booths (e.g. catapult basketball game)
  • STEM hands-on activities or classroom learning* (e.g. engineer a sound activated SUV car, make a NASA gravity defying tray for lunar landing, build a marine crane with launch and recovery system, code a virtual pet with Scratch 3.0, create a spooktacular pumpkin carriage, etc.)
  • STEM free play area (e.g. mini golf)
  • Mochy founder sharing session
  • Custom backdrop and promotional leaflet design

*Contact us for a wide range of age-appropriate STEM and STREAM activities.