STEM & STEAM Assessment Test (age 4-15)

2023 Exam Date & Time [Location]

Enrolment fee includes a participation certificate and your unique STEAM score. Full analytical report and the recognition of excellence trophy can be ordered as add-on depending on your test result.

This is for group test. If your child prefers a more personal type of support from our examiner or is sensitive to distractions, you may consider 1-on-1 private test booking, please WhatsApp 52953765 for the next available slot.

Within the next 10 years, 80% of all jobs will be STEM related. Are you ready to discover where your children's natural talent lies within the five STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) disciplines, so you can empower them to pursue a path that suits them?

This well-framed STEAM assessment test composes of both multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and open-ended tasks. Not only it is designed to evaluate children’s knowledge in each of the five STEAM domains, but also analyse their transdisciplinary STEAM literacies. The tested material changes based on a student's age.

Neither spelling nor essay writing is required.


🎯About our test
  • Pioneer: First- and best-in-class STEAM assessment in Asia
  • A two-tier test well-structured with both MCQ and open-ended tasks
  • Aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • AI-powered grader: Artificial intelligence (AI) is deployed in grading answer sheets
  • Testees get the opportunity to enter STEAM Hall of Fame ( as school's representative

🎯About the full report

Our comprehensive test report (add-on; not included in test fee) gives a summary evaluation and graph of candidates' STEAM profile. It effectively diagnoses and pinpoints areas for improvement important to subsequent STEAM fields of study. You can better understand what the children's strengths and weaknesses are, which area the children can improve on and how to equip them.

🎯Areas covered include

  • Visual-spatial intelligence
  • Mechanical & abstract reasoning
  • Computational & engineering design thinking
  • Technological mastery

🎯What to expect at the test?

  1. Before the test commences, our invigilator will give clear instructions (in English) on how to complete the test.
  2. To start the test, candidates will be given a pencil, a question booklet, an answer sheet and other necessary materials.
  3. At the end of the test, test takers will be asked to put down the pencils, where the invigilator will collect all answer sheets. 
  4. Certificate giving ceremony will be held where each candidate will obtain the certification on taking the test.

🎯What do our corporate clients use our test for?

  • This test has been used for admission, advising, study of efficacy of STEAM pedagogy/curriculum, and tracking of children’s STEAM development.
Other details:
  • The test lasts for 45 minutes in total
  • No prior preparation is required
  • Testing centres' location:
    • 23 Ede Rd, Beacon Hill, Kowloon Tong
    • G/F, Core F, Cyberport 3, No. 100 Cyberport Road, Cyberport
    • 7/F, City Hall, Central
  • Question? WhatsApp us at 52953765

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