Gift Guide: 3 Ah-ha Tips on Gifting to Wife

by Alex McFadyen December 22, 2015

    Ho ho ho, gifting time is around the corner - Christmas, new year, valentine's day, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Gifting can easily go wrong if god decided to play a cruel trick on you. So, how to brace yourself to become a smart gifter as a thoughtful husband? Take 2 minutes to read these real stories, along with editor’s tips that you can't afford to miss!

    1. More-than-ordinary gifts: Send the mother of your kids some more-than-ordinary gifts, like offering help to take care of the kids and give her a day off from the family chaos - this will ease her life! Also, 90% of the females who granted you their verbal exemption on not requiring you to buy flowers actually means she WANTS flowers (guys, do not try to fully comprehend a lady, it will take you a lifetime). Thoughtfulness counts - tiny things that seem trivial could actually take you to the next level.

    2. Right gift, wrong delivery date to her office? Make sure the delivery date doesn’t clash with the birthday / anniversary of your wife's colleagues.  Real story: He sent surprise roses to her office (on her female colleague’s birthday), female colleague rushed to the deliveryman to collect the flowers, unfold the gift note and realized the “To:” wasn’t followed by her colleague’s own name….. Ouch, c'est la vie.

    3. The way to man's heart is through his stomach, how about “her”? Win her heart through her family. Sending personalizable gifts/messages to her family could mean a lot more than gifting to her.

    Good luck and hope you enjoyed our very first blog post. Please feel free to share with us your funny gifting moments!

    Alex McFadyen
    Alex McFadyen


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