Featured in Little Steps Asia: Unique STEM & STEAM Toys In HK

by Julie Hansberry May 17, 2019

Unique STEM & STEAM Toys In HK

Learning Through Play—Through Awesome Toys

(Abstract) "MOCHY KID'S STEM TOY SUBSCRIPTION: Surprise! Life gives you countless opportunities to learn in ways you cannot predict, and Mochy imitates life with its monthly STEM toy subscription. Learners receive a new package every mid-month containing a hands-on stimulative sensory or simple craft, a scientific, engineering or craft activity, or an in-depth STEAM project, depending on the age of the little subscriber."

Source: https://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/learn/unique-stem-steam-toys-hk

Julie Hansberry
Julie Hansberry


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