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Straight-A student meets athlete: How does a sailboat go forward against the wind? Why is a golf ball not as smooth as a ping pong ball? Brainpower and physical power can go hand in hand – in support of the Education Bureau’s renewed school curriculum, Mochy debuts a sport-linked STEM pilot program that connects the sports children play and compete in with the STEM skills they learn in classroom.

HONG KONG, October 20, 2022 – Mochy, a leading STEM/STEAM education provider in Hong Kong, today teams up with a group of certified sport professionals to pilot a sport-linked STEAM program, spicing up STEM learning for children aged 5-14 through the lens of their favorite sports as real-world application. The program comprises two parts: (1) sport training and (2) sport-related STEAM classroom learning.

In favor of the Education Bureau’s latest renewal of primary curriculum where reinforcing STEAM education is one of the seven major emphases, a recent research by the Legislative Council showed that over 90% of school-aged children did not participate in sufficient physical activity. Mochy wants to help change that by enhancing STEAM to promote sport. The pilot program, namely ‘Stomper’ (with letters of ‘STEM’ and ‘sport’), gives children access to sports that are less accessible at school. For starters, 3 types of sport are available under the STEM Sport Stomper Program: 1) STEAM x Sailing; 2) STEAM x Horse Riding; or 3) STEAM x Golfing.

  • How? Each type of sport has its own 4-class beginner curriculum (1 class /week), including 2 sport classes and 2 STEAM classroom lessons
  • Requirement? No experience needed
  • Price? From $1,380 /program (view all packages on Mochy’s website here)
  • Signup? Enrol online / WhatsApp 5295 3765 / email

"As a momtrepreneur, I’m thrilled that my passion for these 3 sports can be share with more kids through Mochy. Mochy is opening doors for children to see the STEM applications behind niche sports that they do not usually associate with science.”

Natalie Lau, Managing Director and STEM Lead at Mochy

"It's an exciting release from our team as we have spent so much effort in putting this program together. We've been on field trips visiting the sites, experiencing the sports, ensuring our curricula and lesson plans are aligned to the standards, like the EBD's Key Learning Area (KLA) Curriculum Guides (General Studies, Science, Technology, Mathematics, etc.) and Physical Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide. We are certain that this program can inspire more Hong Kong students to become active learners in STEM."

Arnold Davis, Director at Mochy

Mochy will release Christmas taster camp that includes multiple sports next month. Beyond this pilot program, Mochy will work with Hong Kong school leaders and teachers to further promote STEAM education, by sharing a unique perspective on STEAM subjects that are traditionally seen to be classroom-style in a new light through sports.

Mochy also recently announced The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong as one of its newly authorized retailers. Visit the hotel’s retail outlets to purchase Mochy’s latest series of STEM toy kits.

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About Mochy: Mochy’s vision is to inspire the next generation of innovators, with a mission to bridge the gap between life skill building and exam-based education. Upholding the ‘Next Generation Science Standards’ (NGSS), Mochy designs STEM & STEAM curriculum and delivers teaching programs to children aged 3-14 (Grades K-8) for schools, membership clubs, hotels, malls and more. Mochy designs STEM learning kits which are available at authorized retailers. Learn more at and follow us Instagram and Facebook.

About STEM/STEAM: The Education Bureau has officially renamed STEM education as STEAM education in 2022. STEAM is the acronym for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics’ and is the evolution of STEM.

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Cameron Landman
Cameron Landman


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