Forensic Chemist Lab: pH, Acid & Alkali (with medical grade lab tools)

Difficulty: 3/5 | Age 7+

In this lab challenge, you forensic chemist is on a mission to learn about acids and bases, run tests to find out the pH (pH expresses the acidity or alkalinity of a solution) values of mystery samples, and uncover clues to solve crime. You will not only experience qualitative chemical analysis, but also extend the experiment to test 6 extra specimens found around your house! Instructions and materials provided. Age 7 or up.

Kit contains
  • Instruction manual with knowledge base & worksheet
  • 15 pH strips
  • 5 test samples (in cryovial tubes with silicone washer seal)
  • Test tube rack
  • 4 large test tubes
  • 2 small test tubes
  • Dropper
  • Brush

Actual product & color may vary due to product enhancement.

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