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Our dream team of 22 hold a diverse background of qualifications ranging from Master’s Degree of Education to qualified Mensa (international high IQ society) membership.

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Hosted hundreds of courses, here's some of our previous class photos!


   •  What to expect? Kids will be taught on how to assemble the kit (age-appropriate) & the theory behind it. Mini competitions maybe held during class.

   •  What's included? Facilitators &/or assistant instructors + All materials to complete a kit (participants will take the kits home)

   •  Age? Kids aged 3-15

   •  Duration? Varies, 20 mins - multiple days camp

   •  Venue? Your place

   •  Student-teacher ratio? 5:1 ~ 10:1 (depends on age of kids, class size & difficulty)

   •  Class size? 5-40 kids

   •  Language? English / French / Cantonese / Mandarin

* Corporate clients: We can design a brand new activity kit or revise our current kit(s) to suit your event

* NGOs: Sponsored courses available for underprivileged &/or minority communities


... and many more!

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