Kidpreneur Launchpad (7-12yo) @ AMC

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❗❗Please enroll with Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) at 25558321. Members & guests only.❗❗


According to Forbes and Statista, 50% workforce will be freelancing by 2027. Many skills used to successfully launch a startup are the same as those learnt in STEM field: thrivingness in uncertainty, willingness to experiment, reliance on logic and analysis, and creative problem-solving.

Embark on an enchanting voyage where you can channel your inner entrepreneurism! You will transform your brilliant ideas from mere thoughts into organized and captivating visuals. This inquiry-based curriculum leads you through the entire process of creating a start-up from an idea. It fuels your curiosity and expands your horizons in entrepreneurship and financial literacy in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

You’ll learn:

  • Entrepreneurship mindset
  • Business skills (meetings, phone calls, presentations, negotiations)
  • Market viability, cost planning and pricing
  • Importance of data and public relations (PR)
  • Marketing strategy and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Raising capital and ensuring success
  • UX/UI and website building (only if computer lab is available)

Please enroll with Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) at 25558321. Members & guests only.