Science Madness @ Mulberry House International Kindergarten (Southside Campus)

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Nothing short of a scientist’s paradise, this course takes you onto a science expedition into the unknown. Student will participate in exciting discussions and demonstrations and carry out science activities that have real life applications, discover the value in both successful and failed experiments, and have a blast with science!

  • Age: 3-6
  • Date & Time (2023):
    • Jul 3-7 (5-day camp) at 3:25pm – 4:55pm [course code: MH73SM]
    • Jul 24-28 (5-day camp) at 10:35am – 12:05pm [course code: MH724SM]
    • Jul 31-Aug 2 (3-day camp) at 2:40 – 4:10pm [course code: MH731SM]
  • Duration: 1.5 hr / day
  • Student–trainer Ratio: 7:1
    • Address: Mulberry House International Kindergarten (Southside Campus), Ocean Court Block 3, 3 Aberdeen Praya Rd, Aberdeen
    • Note: If the camp did not meet the minimum required number of students, we will notify you 3 calendar days in advance with a full refund.

    Questions? WhatsApp our customer happiness mangers at 52953765!