Storytelling Meets STEAM (3-6yo) @ AMC

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❗❗Please enroll with Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) at 25558321. Members & guests only.❗❗


This course is about the power of going beyond stories to extend and deepen children's learning through science and art. In each unit, a short storytelling session is followed by various science and art activities that are designed specifically for that storyline.


  • Carrying out the squishy egg science experiment, performing the bouncy egg science experiment, making the egg suncatcher craft and exploring egg-motions based on the book ‘The Good Egg’ (#1 New York Times bestseller & Amazon Best Books of the Year 2019).
  • Studying and sequencing of butterfly life cycle that aligns with NGSS learning standard and the pattern creation of a 3D caterpillar based on the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ that won numerous awards over the years.
  • Making unbreakable bubbles and exploring the science behind with reference to the book ‘Benny's Big Bubble’.