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Volunteer servicing does not only instil positive values and attitudes in your kids, but also nurtures them to live with a caring heart. It allows children to view society from a new perspective. You may think only primary school children are old enough for that. But Mochy has recommended 3 volunteer programs that even 2-year-old kids can join. Scroll down for more!


1. “Angel of Hope” Parent-child Volunteer Program


Hong Kong Christian Service

Target participants

Children studying in nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools (2-year-old or above)  

Program period 

From October each year to next September

Program details

Angel of Hope Program includes volunteering activities and free workshops.

For volunteering, it can be in the forms of visits, flag selling and handicraft making. If parents are worried about volunteering during the pandemic, at-home handicraft making might be the best volunteering choice. After gathering the handmade cards or handicrafts children and parents made at home, the centre will send them to the needy during festivals. Your kids can give warmth to the needy while sitting safely at home!

Hong Kong Christian Service also organises free workshops. It offers trainings on parent-child communications skills, child emotion management and “biliteracy and trilingualism” development. 

Award scheme

1. Annual certificate of participation

2. Certificate of Merit for those who have completed volunteering services for 6 hours or above.

3. Angel of Hope badges for newly joined members

4. Acknowledgement in HKCS website and annual report with annual thank you letter/card

5. Tax deductible donation receipts


2. Volunkids Program 


Volunteer Space

Target participants

Any children aged between 6-13 years old, and are willing to actively participate in the program for not less than one year.

Program details

The program includes the following 5 subjects:

1. Volunteer Work

It encourages children to spend their spare time serving society and enriching themselves by participating in volunteer work, including school librarians or prefects, flag-raising, assisting in leading activities etc.

2. Skills and Interests

Children are prompted to learn new static skills, develop their potential and build interest in learning. For example, painting, musical instrument performance, chess, computer use, writing etc.

3. Recreation and Sports

Learning a new sports does more than building a sound body. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps the brain build more connections between nerves and therefore augments children’s concentration and memory. It actually boosts academic performance.

4. Group Activities

Teamwork exposes children to new perspectives, thinking styles and disagreement. In the process of debating and negotiating, students can improve their communication and collaboration skills. Any school group activities or programs organised by non-governmental organisations are considered as group activities by the program.

 5. Academic Study

The reward program encourages children to study hard and acquire textbook knowledge during school. Participants can choose the first or second semester’s exam result for evaluation.

Award scheme

Volunkids Program holds an award ceremony annually for the effort paid by every participant. For instance, a gold Skills and Interests award will be presented if children have learnt new skills or interests for >12 hours.


3. Volunteer Angel Junior 


Hong Kong Children Charity Foundation

Target participants

Any children aged between 3-13 years old

Program details

All volunteer activities incorporate five significant elements – Confidence, Emotional Resilience, Persistence, Getting along and Organisation – to ensure all-round development.

Award scheme

Every volunteer will be distributed 6 “Little Volunteer Angel Handbooks”. By joining the volunteer activities launched regularly by the centre, children will be rewarded with stamps.

Children can get a small gift when they collect all the stamps in the first booklet; a Bronze Certificate after completing the second booklet; Silver for the fourth and Gold for the sixth.


A new school year is coming. Aside from academics, planting a seed to contribute to society in your kids’ heart is equally important. Let’s spend more time on cultivating your kids to be obliging and accommodating!


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Tsz Ching Cheuk
Tsz Ching Cheuk


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